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Month of Miles recap – August 1-10, 2020

As I wrote here, the Month of Miles is a challenge I’m using to incentivize my return to consistent running and blogging. Here we go!

Saturday, August 1

Lior and I had a lazy day. We ate a chicken satay dish we prepared yesterday for lunch, then he did work while I hung out. Once it cooled off a bit, I went for an 8km run. The boardwalk along the Mediterranean Sea was PACKED. To be fair, I’ve never actually spent time along the beach in Tel Aviv in August, so for all I know, this could be normal. In the evening, we participated in my family’s virtual game night!

Sunday, August 2

I slept very poorly and woke up with a headache that took several hours to disappear, as well as some niggling in my right knee. I did end up running (and walking) to my workout. In addition to today’s strength workout, I ran 8km.

Monday, August 3

My knee was still acting up, so instead of running, I did an online yoga class.

Tuesday, August 4

Today I drove to work and picked up my new chair for my home office corner! My knee is still bugging me, so I chose to not go to my workout group tonight, and I contacted a neighbor who is a physical therapist, to schedule a consultation.

Wednesday, August 5

Since I still want to remain on target for my Month of Miles challenge, I’ve decided to substitute running for walking the majority of the time, to ease the strain on my knee. I ended up walking 9.5km today, and while I could feel my knee, the walking itself was okay!

Thursday, August 6

Today I walked 6km after work, and then Lior and I went to a Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood! The food was good (and SPICY), and I was able to use my birthday gift card from work, so the meal was almost free–even better!

Friday, August 7

Another 6km walk–the boardwalk was CROWDED today!

Saturday, August 8

Lior and I strolled around Neve Tzedek, a very pretty neighborhood in Tel Aviv. A lot of stores were closed for Shabbat, but we did manage to stop into a macaron store–my personal favorite flavore was the zatar and labane, which was both sweet and savory.

Sunday, August 9

My knee feels normal again! I decided to ease back into sports, which meant skipping my exercise class tonight–but I plan to return on Tuesday!

I had trouble falling asleep last night, so I took a melatonin and was seriously dragging my ass today. Also, my right eye decided to be red and runny all day, despite taking medicine…fun times.

Today I covered 8km, and I ran the first 1.6km (1mi)! While my knee didn’t hurt in the regular stabby IT band pain way, I did feel my knee/was more conscious of it than normal, if that makes sense. I decided to not overdo it, and walked the rest of the distance. This was the right decision, because in the evening, my knee felt a bit sore.

Monday, August 10

I went to bed around 10pm last night, so after 10 magical hours of sleep, I woke up feeling amazing.

Today I went for a 4km walk, and then our neighbor who has a physical therapy practice came to check out my knee. It turns out that I don’t have an IT band issue, but an ACL issue. This is progress! We scheduled an appointment for Wednesday, for a treatment and to learn some stability exercises. I was also given the green light to run and go to my exercise class, as long as I’m not in pain.

Total Distance: 54.88km, 1 strength workout, 1 yoga class

So far, I’m very pleased with my Month of Miles progress, especially given my injury. I’m excited to continue the challenge and also work towards a pain-free ACL!

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