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Tokyo Marathon training week 7: December 9-15

This is week 7 of an 18-week training plan that will hopefully get me to the marathon start line ready to have an amazing race, and maybe even PR!

monday, december 9

On Mondays, I wake up without an alarm because I don’t have any morning gym classes booked. I ended up waking up not too much later (9:45am), but it’s more about the fact that I can be as leisurely as possible rather than waking up as late as possible.

I completed my speed workout, which was 8 miles in total: 1.5M warm up 8 * 600m @ 5K – 10K pace; 400m jog rest 1.5M cool down

I felt great, and I got out a bit earlier than normal, so the sun wasn’t setting at any point during my workout. I should try that more often…

I was supposed to go to an evening spin class today, but when I got home, I felt very cold. The way to get over that is to shower (or get out of my sports bra immediately and wipe off all the sweat, which I tried and it didn’t work), and since I didn’t feel like showering twice in one day…I cancelled the class. (No penalty for cancelling, woo!) Lesson learned: if I’m taking a class, it should be before I run…get that sucker out of the way first!

tuesday, december 10

This morning I went to yoga, then did a 4 mile run afterwards. In the evening, I joined We Are Runners and completed their #Christmas26.2 challenge for free lululemon gear! In total, I ran 9.5 miles today. After my second run of the day, I went grocery shopping. The only fish that remained was smoked haddock…it was good, but I definitely prefer salmon. Lesson learned, don’t go to the grocery store at 7:30pm.

wednesday, december 11

I went to morning spin class and then stopped by the grocery store, to pick up food for dinner for the next two evenings. I arrived with plenty of time to buy salmon. #winning In the afternoon, I went for a 6+ mile run (the + being the extra amount it took to get home). When I left it was a bit rainy and for half a second I considered going to the gym and running on the treadmill. However, it wasn’t sleeting down rain or super cold, so I decided that this would be a good mental workout. If it rains on the day of the marathon, I’m still going to run the race! So bailing on a workout for a bit of rain is not a good idea. Luckily, after about a mile the rain stopped. I had low energy and needed to make an urgent bathroom stop during the run (good thing I knew where the bathroom was!), but I got it done!

thursday, december 12

I went to my usual yoga class this morning. Afterwards, I completed my 10 mile long run! Today was my test to see how I’ll feel for next week’s half marathon in Portsmouth. I’m a bit nervous because although I’ve certainly been running enough mileage that a half marathon is doable, most of my long runs have been speed workouts, with the exception of the two 8 mile runs I did last week. I usually try and do at least one 9.3mi/15km run before a half marathon, so that mentally, I know I can complete the distance. Again, it was a bit rainy when I left my apartment. I dressed appropriately, in a running cap, leggings, long-sleeved shirt, and a light windbreaker that I received from the Hever Race. The rain remained light (if at all) for my entire run. I fueled with two Shot Bloks before I started and two more after 5 miles, just like I do in races/any long run. I only stopped once, when the podcast I was listening to ended and I needed some pump up music for the last 2.5 miles. That really did the trick to help me end on a high note! I also preordered some sushi to arrive a bit after I thought I’d get home. My timing was perfect–I got home almost 30 minutes early…which is good, because the delivery guy arrived early, so I was still there to meet him.

I’m very proud of how my long run went, and that I only made one stop. I have a music playlist that I won’t need to refresh during my half marathon next week, and I plan to run with my hydration vest (like I did for this run), so I won’t need to make any hydration stops unless they offer energy drink on the course. Also, I really liked the outfit I wore for this run, and since it appears that the weather may be similar in Portsmouth, I’m planning to bring the exact same gear (plus a sweatshirt and buff/ear warmers, just to be safe).

friday, december 13

No spin class this morning–Lior’s parents are arriving, and he took the day off. I completed a brisk 5 mile run before they arrived, to be done with the day’s training. Today I felt very overwhelmed by everything going on in the world, and my run helped me smash through my existential dread a little bit.

Lior’s parents arrived, and we had a nice, low-key day together.

saturday, december 14

After slooooowly waking up, I ran 5 miles, completing my last run of the week! The weather was perfect, and I’m happy to end my training on a high note. We then went to Shoreditch, ate the amazing salt beef sandwiches, and walked around a bit.

A wreath during the holiday season? Groundbreaking. Also, Lior got a new hat!

In the evening, we went to see Come From Away, and it was a wonderful musical! We walked around Covent Garden a bit, before returning home.

sunday, december 15

REST DAY! In the morning, we toured the Churchill War Rooms.

Churchill’s romper game was strong

Afterwards, we took the ferry to Greenwich, to see the Prime Meridian Line. The line was whatever, but the views were wonderful!

Later in the afternoon, we went to tea. Yay, sugar!

The tea was science-themed, so I present you with this cinematic gem, of me making lemonade:

Total distance: 44.1 miles, 2 yoga classes, 1 spin class

Another high mileage week, but it didn’t feel quite as exhausting, despite the fact that I had a long run. (It was just as hard to wake up in the morning, but that’s always the case.) Maybe it’s the shot bloks? Maybe it’s the fact that I took one less spin class? Maybe the 6 mile + 10 mile days were easier to deal with than the 8 mile + 8 mile days from last week? Maybe my body is getting used to the higher mileage? Maybe it’s wizardry? Who cares, as long as it continues, injury-free!

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