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1 For You 1 For Youth 5K – June 5, 2019

Things have been quiet on the blog front for the past 2+ weeks because I haven’t been running…at all. I finished my last Caravan orientation, and am now settled into my summer schedule–flexible office hours, but always on-call in case something happens with one of the groups.

This month, I am running FIVE races. I need to finish my 9+1 by mid-August, and since Lior was supposed to come for most of July, I decided to make June the month of all the races…only to find out that he’ll be here a bit sooner than originally planned. On the plus side, this means that we are running a race together at the end of the month! Down-side for him: no medal…oh well! I guess he’ll have to run another race with me. 😉


NYRR added a mid-week race on June 5, to celebrate Global Running Day. As far as I can tell, Global Running Day is a holiday NYRR made up, to sell stuff promote running. I registered for this race because:

  1. It was “only” a 5K

  2. I’d knock a race out early in June

  3. I used to run in Central Park every Wednesday morning, so this was perfect!

  4. I wanted an NYRR Global Running Day buff. I’ve missed them in 2017 and 2018…2019 was going to be my year!


Like I said, the last time I ran was the Brooklyn Half. So my goals were to run a sub-30 5K and hustle back to my apartment in time to shower and get to work to interview one of the candidates to replace me. Spoiler: Success on both fronts!

Race overview

Price: $60. This is because the giveaway isn’t a shirt, but a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuits…I’m skeptical I’ll use them for anything but a walking shoe, but I’ll take them for a short run before I judge. Anyway, for every runner who entered the race, NYRR is donating a new pair of shoes to a child in one of their youth running programs. So it’s a pricey race, but a good cause, and I got a new pair of shoes! Value for money: F for useless shoes or priceless because I gave the gift of running to a child…you pick

Website: NYRR is perfect.

Publicity: See above.

Transportation to race: I did a 2 mile warm-up/cool down to get to/from the race. It was perfect, though I forgot about the hills on the UES! And the hills in Central Park. Man, Tel Aviv is very flat. Transportation: A

Weather: I wanna say low 70s and humid? It was sweaty, but I wasn’t dying. Honestly, unless it’s post rain storm, this is as good as it gets for NYC running weather.

Time: 7am. Makes sense, since it’s a work day. I woke up at 6, skipped coffee, was out the door a bit before 6:30, and got to the start with plenty of time to spare.

Start/finish area: I immediately jumped into the corral…where I saw people with Global Running Day buffs. Apparently, they had been giving them out! A woman asked if I wanted hers, and I happily accepted!

Packet pick-up: At the NYRR Run Center, it was very easy.

What I wore: Whippets singlet, shorts, hat. It sprinkled when I left my apartment, but that was it. A shame that it didn’t cut through the humidity…

Bag drop: Available, but I didn’t use it.


We started on Central Park’s East Drive, at 85th St, ran up/over Harlem Hill, and down the west side. Not the easiest Central Park course, but they could have added Cat Hill, so it could have been worse. I was actually pleased with my pace! Mile 2 was my slowest…thanks, Harlem Hill. I ran a 28:58, so I made my time goal!

Water stations: I recall 2, which was sufficient

Bathrooms: I saw port a potties! On a 5K! NYRR is the best.

Pictures: There were photographers, but unless it’s one of their larger events, I never find myself in the pictures. NBD

Medal: Nope, NYRR only gives out medals for half marathon distance and up, plus a few shorter distance races.

After the race, I snagged an apple, some water, and a Honey Stinger stroopwafel, and headed home, when…

BONUS: After the race, a running team was handing out free donuts! Thank you, friends!

Yay, donut! They had my favorite flavor, pink frosting.

in conclusion

If you want to PR in the 5K, don’t run this race. If you want a cheap 5K, don’t run this race. If you want an inexpensive pair of running shoes + a 5K race, run this race. If you’re in NYC for a limited amount of time, want to complete the 9+1 program, and want to avoid as many humid July/August races as possible, run this race. If you want a mid-week morning race that makes you feel like a badass before you begin the work day, run this race.

I think it was a smart move on NYRR’s part to make this race part of their Global Running Day celebrations, so good for them. All of NYRR’s races are impeccable, but if I was still living in NYC full-time, I’d skip this event.

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