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Race Reports

*** = Amazing, must-do race
** = Fun race, worth the experience
* = Okay race, but not a must
No star = Wouldn’t run again

***June 10, 2021: Petach Tikvah Night Run

Yet another fun race--this time, with music!

***May 8, 2021: Herzliya 5K

A well-organized small race in a nearby city. No frills but a good race experience.

***February 8, 2021: Kalaniyot Race
I loved opportunity to run a socially distanced race in one of my favorite places in the world!

*October 24 – November 1, 2020: Vitality London Virtual 10K
A virtual race version of a popular London race. It was nice, but had I not known about the “regular” version of the race, I doubt I would have registered.

*August 15-23, 2020: SeaWheeze Virtual 10K
Well-organized virtual race, except for the fact that shipping the medal took FOREVER.

*September 1 – October 18, 2020: Great South Run Solo
A fun accumulator challenge (counting number of runs rather than distance), user-friendly interface, and fast shipping!

*August 1-31, 2020: Ultra X Month of Miles
A fun distance-based challenge that got me motivated to get outside and move.

*July 6-12, 2020: Virtual Race to the Stones
Fun social media component, but tracking issues made the experience unnecessarily frustrating.

*February 28, 2020: Tel Aviv Marathon – 5:32:25
This was a lesson in mental fortitude. In hindsight, at least I was able to run a marathon–damn you, COVID! The takeaway is either that I just had a bad race, or that the half marathon is a better organized event.

***February 14, 2020: Kalaniyot 15K – 1:28:13
Still love this race!!!

*January 26, 2020: Farnborough Half Marathon – 2:00:51
Fast course with a great goody bag…worth it, but only if you’re already in the area!

**January 5, 2020: RunThrough Battersea Park 10K – 50:32
I loved the November event so much, I ran it again!

**January 1, 2020: Serpentine New Years Day 10K – 51:51
Great local 10K and an amazing way to start the year!


**December 22, 2019: Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Half Marathon – 2:03:53
A fun, muddy race. Sadly, the course was short.


*December 1, 2019: Mornington Chasers Regent’s Park 10K – 52:18
Another well-organized event by a local running group! A CHILLY start, but a relatively fast looped course with a view of some indifferent camels from the London Zoo.


**November 23, 2019: RunThrough Battersea Park 10K – 52:48
An extremely well-organized event put on by a local race organization. Fast and flat looped course with everything you need for a fantastic race experience.

**November 17, 2019: adidas City Run Fulham 10K – 55:32
A flat and fast (with lots of turns) 10K in London! It’s a shande (shame/disgrace) that adidas won’t provide women’s sizing in the race shirt, but that’s my only complaint.

*October 27, 2019: La Voie Royale 10K
It’s a shame that it was cold and rainy, because the course was varied and interesting! Just outside of Paris and very accessible by public transit.

***October 20, 2019: TCS Amsterdam 8K
A great (but congested) race in one of my favorite (albeit congested) cities! I hope to return and run another one of their races in the future.

***October 13, 2019: Royal Parks Half Marathon
Amazing race with a beautiful course through London! The event is committed to sustainability, and the whole event is very well-organized.

**October 4, 2019: Hever Race 15K
Large race held in Tel Aviv’s Park Hayarkon, with lots of race swag, a unique medal, and nice post-race refreshments. I plan to run it again in the future.

*September 21, 2019: Guy Algranati Memorial Run
Nice local race, but given the early wake-up to get there, I’ll only return if I need motivation for a long training run.

*September 12, 2019: Haifa Night Run
A fun night run with a festive start/finish area. 

**July 13, 2019: Belmar Five Mile Run
A fun local race, but assume it will be a hot, humid run. Good crowd support!

**June 23, 2019: Achilles Hope & Possibility 4M
Another great race in Central Park. Sorry for the redundancy!

***June 8, 2019: NYRR Mini 10K – 58:29
A great women’s race in Central Park. There are hills, I always feel like I’m dying…and I love it.

*June 5, 2019: 1 For You 1 For Youth 5K – 28:56
A 5K in Central Park that includes Harlem Hill, so a PR is unlikely. Giveaway is a pair of running shoes (and NYRR donates 1 pair for every race participant), so entry is pricey.

***May 18, 2019: Popular Brooklyn Half – 2:17:28
Hilly first half through Prospect Park, nice flat second half. I bonked at mile 4 and ran one of my slower half marathon times, when I was expecting to run around 2:10…oh well. Run this race if you can, it’s a lot of fun–and I enjoyed my 2017 race MUCH more.

**May 4, 2019: NYRR Newport 5K-26:01
A fast and flat 5K that was extremely well-organized, minus the fact that the “race village” area was not equipped to handle the congestion of several thousand runners. A minor complaint, since this was the inaugural event!

*March 29, 2019: Savyon 10K
Pretty course in an up-scale neighborhood, great course for running a fast time. Nice shirt, underwhelming medal.

***March 15, 2019: Jerusalem Marathon 10K
BEAUTIFUL course, decent crowd support, lots of hills, great energy…and lots of charity walkers. 

**March 8, 2019: Ra’anana 10K
A small-ish race in a city near Tel Aviv. Medal was nicer than expected! A nice local event that I plan to run again in the future. Similar to the Givatayim 10K (see below).

February 28, 2019: Eilat Night Run (10K)
A small, local event. I essentially ran alone the last 1.5km. Not a bad race, but far away. Pray the weather will be nice and make a long weekend out of the trip. Otherwise, you can skip this race.

***February 22, 2019: Tel Aviv Half Marathon
A large-scale, high energy event, akin to many large international races. Definitely worth traveling to Israel to run this event!

***February 15, 2019: Kalaniyot 10K
A fun race with a festive atmosphere, making an excellent day trip outside of Tel Aviv! If you’re already in Israel, you must run this race, but not worth traveling to Israel JUST for this event.

**February 1, 2019: Dead Sea Half Marathon
A beautiful course! Maybe not the place for a PR (zero shade and most of the race is on an unpaved road), but you should but this on your racecation calendar!

*January 18, 2019: Home Race 10K
A scenic course in Tel Aviv’s Park Hayarkon. Highly recommend, if you’re already in the area.

*January 13, 2019: Egmond Kwart Marathon (Egmond, Netherlands)
If you’re already in the Netherlands, go for it, but don’t plan a visit JUST for this race. Run partly on the beach, so it’s a tough course. No PRs here, but a fun experience.

*November 30, 2018: Ramat Gan Safari Run (10K)
Relatively flat course, but by the time you get inside the safari, you’re dead…not a high priority race for me.

***November 13, 2018: Tel Aviv Night Run (10K)
So much fun! I plan to run this race every year.

*November 2, 2018: Haifa Half Marathon
The course was relatively flat, but most of the time I ran alone, on an empty highway. Not very inspiring. Since I have to travel/stay in a hotel for this race, I might skip it in the future.

**October 5, 2018: Givatayim 10K
Amazing race shirt. The course is suburban and not too interesting…but I’d run the race again, just for the shirt.


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