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2020 Goals

Happy New Year! The New Year represents an arbitrary marking point in time for goal setting. Last year I did not set any concrete goals because I was in the middle of a huge life change (Aliyah, duh), and getting through that was about all the goals I could handle.

Now, while I am not working on vacation, it’s a much better time to set some goals!

life goals

  1. Get an awesome job. I’m very lucky that when I return to Israel, I do not need to accept the first job offer I receive, unless I really want the position. So while I will be job hunting like it’s my job (because it will be), I want to find a job with lots of room for growth (both learning a lot and getting promotions/raises). I was lucky to be able to stay in my last job for 5 years, and I do NOT want my next job to be something where I do my time for a year before moving on.

  2. Adopt a dog. This is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. The timing never felt quite right. I was waiting to make Aliyah…then I was going back to the US…now I’m in London…so after Lior and I go to Tokyo for the marathon (and vacation, obviously), it will be time to figure out all the dog adopting logistics–vet, vaccinations, crate, toys, food, general annual cost of owning a dog, etc. And then adopting one!

  3. Play French horn. I haven’t played French horn in awhile. I miss it! One of my goals for 2020 is to join an ensemble. Will I find a group like the ensembles in NYC? Only time will tell!

  4. Do yoga at least once a week on a regular basis. I’m enjoying yoga a lot more than I expected–the stretching mostly feels good (and sometimes is tough/I feel weak), and those moments where I feel my hips or shoulders open up are very satisfying. In addition, I do think that regular yoga makes me less anxious, so I want to continue this habit.

running goals

  1. Train for and run the Tokyo Marathon. As I write this, I’m only in week 7 of an 18-week training plan. A LOT can happen between now and race day. My main goal is to get to the start line of the Tokyo Marathon healthy and injury-free.

  2. PR in the marathon. My current PR is 4:31, and I want to put a dent in that time. My goal is 4:15, and I’m still not sure that will be doable…but it’s also not an insane jump. I think with my last marathon, I definitely had more to give–if I hadn’t spent so much time injured. So if I complete my training moderately well and am not injured at the start line, my goal is to PR.

  3. Cross train. Yoga and spin classes have been very helpful these past few weeks, and I look forward to continuing during the rest of my time in London. When I return to Tel Aviv, I want to find and join a gym that offers yoga classes (spin classes would also be ideal, but I’ll settle for the elliptical). This relates to #4 up there, but that’s more for mental health, whereas this is for physical health.

  4. REST after the marathon. I finished the NYC Marathon mostly okay (I had left IT band pain during the marathon, but it went away after), but I think that jumping into training for Tokyo afterwards is what got me injured. Well, that and not stretching. Ahem. So I plan to enjoy the week after the marathon in Tokyo and not run. And then when I return to Israel, I’ll slowly ease back into running.

  5. After my post-marathon rest, improve on shorter distances.

  6. Join a running group in Tel Aviv and stick with it. Ideally one that trains for a big goal race together.

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