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Checking In

The summer is more or less over (though it doesn’t feel like it in Tel Aviv) and I’ve returned from my 4.5 months in the US, so this is a great time to get back to blogging!

What I’ve been up to

I am officially unemployed! After 5 years with my organization, I decided that it was time to move in to something new that doesn’t require me to be in the US for the entire summer. My decision came at the perfect time. Being away from home after working so hard to build a place for myself, make new friends, etc…it was rough. I loved seeing all of my family and friends in NYC, but mentally and emotionally, I’ve moved on, and it’s no longer my home. Leaving was bittersweet, but mostly I’m proud of the work I did, and relieved that I am no longer responsible for 36 people every summer. On the bright side, my lexicon of Hebrew medical terms is top notch, and I can navigate an urgent care center or doctor’s office with ease…the sort of skill that when you need it, you need it.

Lior and I also spent some time in Florida, visiting both his relatives and mine. We left St Petersburg 2 days early to avoid any potential fallout from Hurricane Dorian. In the end this wasn’t necessary, but while I was sad to leave, I was excited to finally go home. As a bonus, since Lior flew home the day before me, he picked me up from the airport! Also, since I have an Israeli biometric passport, I got to bypass the MASSIVE line at passport control, and annoy a lot of people…only to wait forever to collect my suitcase because I didn’t recognize the luggage tag…oh well!

My sister was at Burning Man, but my brother also came to visit!

You can check my strava details on the sidebar…what I have NOT been up to much this summer (aside from a few races) is running. I just didn’t feel like it. And with no major races to train for, there was no reason to run. I missed too many NYRR races to complete the 9+1 program, so since I didn’t need to complete a million races during the summer, I just…didn’t run. I also ate a LOT of take-out. Like…seriously, a lot.

what i’m doing now

Once I returned to Israel, it was much easier to get back into running…especially since I’m “on vacation” and can get plenty of sleep and either go run in the morning (and then nap), or go once it cools down a bit. On Sunday I ran 5 miles (8km) and felt sore in a way that used to be reserved for 13+ mile runs…so I’m starting from Square 1 (more or less). It’s humbling, to say the least.

However, to put it in perspective, this year Facebook reminded me that 10 years ago, I ran my first 5K race! I remember when that felt like a major accomplishment. At that time, I started running to lose weight and build a healthier, more active lifestyle, but I did not think that I would eventually become a marathoner and have a running blog. So I guess the moral of the story is to not be so hard on myself, since I’m “just” running for fun/physical health/mental health/awesome medals, etc.

Returning home has also been tough because I don’t know the next time I’ll travel to the US. When I made Aliyah, I knew I was coming back in April, so the homesickness wasn’t too bad. This time…

After a particularly hard day, Lior served me a drink (water) in a novelty cactus cup and I chilled on the hammock. It made a HUGE difference!

What’s next?

I’ve had some people ask me what’s next, career-wise. For now, that’s on hold, because…

lior and i are moving to london for 4 months!

Back in April, Lior told me there was a chance that he would need to relocate to London for four months…probably right around the time I’d return from the US. He said he wouldn’t go if I didn’t want to come with. I decided that since I would already be unemployed (and finances wouldn’t be an issue), the timing was perfect. So my unemployment is officially a vacation! Until February, when I return to Tel Aviv and need to start the job hunt in earnest.

In the end, I only have a month in Israel, before I need to leave. This time is being spent relaxing and running, but also making doctor’s appointments, changing my address, and handling all kinds of bureaucratic things that come with officially moving in with my boyfriend, returning from abroad from a 4+ month trip…and then leaving for another 4 month trip. At one point it was overwhelming, but then Lior made a shared Trello (project management program) board for us, and I’m steadily making progress.

that sounds fun (and i’m obviously jealous), but…are you running any races?

I’m the sort of person who needs a motivation to run/work out. That motivation is races. So yes, I’ve already got a few on my calendar! Not only is there a race pretty much every week in London, but I’ve planned a trip to Amsterdam and Paris with a friend, that includes some races. I’m running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October, but aside from that I haven’t registered for any longer distance races. I’m considering training for a marathon (and even picked a destination race), but haven’t pulled the trigger yet…

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