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Great South Run Solo – September 1-5, 2020

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

A new month, a new challenge!

Since I enjoyed the Month of Miles and the consistency it gave me, I was super excited to find out about the Great South Run Solo, where participants need to complete 25 runs over the course of 48 days. Although there is a distance component, it’s secondary–complete 25 runs or walks, and you’re set! Participants can also log more than one run per day, so I anticipate the return of my run/walks to my workout class…

Tuesday, September 1

I woke up to some light soreness in my right knee. I took ibuprofen, and the pain went away quickly. Work went well, and it was a productive, relatively uneventful day. Lior and I also agreed on and made a reservation at a super nice restaurant to celebrate our upcoming anniversary!

I decided to not run today, to avoid aggravating my knee. Instead I walked the 3.8km home. I took a slightly longer but much nicer route home, and was as sweaty as if I’d run home. Thanks, August humidity!

WEdnesday, September 2

My alarm went off during a particularly vivid dream, and I had to drag myself out of bed. Physical therapy went well–during the deep tissue massage Hila found an area that was a little painful–but it was nothing like when we started working together. We continued with more stability exercises that mimic running and made it clear that wow, my knees really knock around a lot while I run!

My workout class was cancelled for today, so instead I “just” ran/walked 6km: I ran 3.47km in 20 minutes and walked the rest. I felt really strong during the running portion, and I am very pleased with my effort!

Afterwards, I ran some errands, including picking up some flour and yeast–my mom recently made churro challah (basically challah covered in cinnamon sugar). Lior loves cinnamon-flavored desserts, so he asked me to make the challah. The dough needs a lot of time to rise, so although it only takes 30-40 minutes of actual work, in total it takes 4.5-5 hours to make the challah from start to finish…I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow during work breaks!

Later in the evening, Lior also went for a run! He got new running shorts (that are actually athletic shorts and not CARGO SHORTS), and I am a fan. He wouldn’t let me take pictures, so you will have to take my word that he looked very cute. 😉

Thursday, September 3

After I reached inbox zero with my support tickets, I began making the challah. This is my first time making challah dough, and I’ll admit that it was much easier than I expected, it just takes FOREVER for the dough to rise. I felt pretty good about it, because I smelled the dough and it smelled…like challah. Unfortunately, the toaster oven is probably too small/there isn’t enough space between the heating element and the challah, so the cinnamon sugar mixture on top burned. The challah itself tasted okay, but…it was disappointing.

Something not disappointing–on July 26 I ordered new running shoes (way before I needed to replace my current pair, but I knew shipping could take awhile). Sadly, I was right. The shoes were shipped from the Netherlands on August 3, and today I finally received a text that the package has entered the country and is on its way to me. It’s annoying, but at least I didn’t throw my money down the drain!

I didn’t feel a strong urge to run today, so I decided to skip it and enjoy an early start to my weekend.

Friday, September 4

Today I felt like running…of course it was obscenely hot outside…but still, I went! I covered 5km in total, running 3.3km and walking the rest. In the evening, we went to a restaurant in Rishon Lezion to celebrate Lior’s dad’s birthday!

Saturday, September 5

And on Shabbat we rested! Lior worked a bit, we had lunch, I dealt with credit card fraud (luckily it was a small amount and the issue appears to be resolved), and made a tofu stir fry to eat during the week. We then went on a short walk, before friends came over to visit.

Total Distance: 15.7km, challenge 4/25 complete; 1 physical therapy appt

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