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Guy Algranati Memorial Race – September 21, 2019

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

This race is held in memory of Guy Algranati, who was killed in combat during Operation Protective Edge. According to the website, sports were a big part of Guy’s life, so the race is held in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood of Tel Aviv (technically in Tel Aviv, but much more of a suburb feel), where he grew up.

I try to run as many races as possible that are easily-accessible from my home, and this race fits the bill.

race expectations

My goal was to use the 10K race as the base for a 15km long run. A benefit to the race starting early in the morning is that I’d finish the run before it got too hot outside. I hate waking up early, so if I don’t have a group to run with, the best way to get me out the door early is to register for a race.

race overview

Price: 90 shekels, or $25.44. This is a standard race fee here. Price: A

Website: The website explained everything very clearly. Website: A

Publicity: The race was advertised online and I also received an email about registration. Two days before the race, I received an email with my bib number, as well as links to the race info. Publicity: A

Transportation to race: The race was held on Shabbat. There is no public transportation on Shabbat. Since I don’t have access to a car, this means that my only option was to take a taxi. Conveniently enough, this was also the fastest way to get to the race, and since the race course didn’t interfere with the drive, there were no road closures. However, the driver arrived 15 minutes late after circling around Yaffo/Florentine. I ended up showing up to the race late and had to make a mad dash for the start line, and started after the 10K heat left. I contacted Gett customer service, who initially offered me a 10 shekel coupon (the ride was a bit over 70), but after I provided pictures showing the driver drove in circles, they upped the coupon to 20. Next time, I’ll pre-order a taxi. Transportation: F

Weather: High 70s and clear. It was a bit hot, but overall pleasant.

Time: 6:30am. Ouch. At least this meant I didn’t feel like dying from the heat…but it also meant a 5:00am wake-up.

Start/finish area: The area was low-key and chill, and after the race there were lots of snacks.

Packet pick-up: Held at the same place as the race. I went the day before to avoid race morning stress. This ended up being a lifesaver, because otherwise I’m not sure I would have been able to start the race at all.

Race shirt: Unisex and white…which I actually appreciated because there was no chafing and the white helped keep me cool. (But I doubt I’ll be keeping it.)

What I wore: Race shirt, shorts, hat, sunglasses.

Bag drop: Not sure if there was one.

Course: The course was several out and backs in the fields of Ramat Aviv Gimmel. Most of the course was flat, but running on sand offers additional resistance, making running more challenging.

Water stations: There were several water stations on the course, and they used plastic cups of water instead of water bottles. I preferred this because although we were still dumping plastic cups (that were then retrieved), I wasn’t wasting most of a water bottle. Water stations: A

Bathrooms: I didn’t see any, I didn’t look. I assume there were bathrooms available at the start/finish area.

Pictures: There was a photographer, but I’m not sure I’ll be checking for them.

Medal: As Lior said, “It’s a medal.”

in conclusion

The course was pretty, the volunteers were great, but unless I’m training for a race and need to get out early for a long run, I probably won’t run this race again.

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