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Month of Miles recap – August 11-20, 2020

Tuesday, August 11

I slept terribly last night, but thanks to melatonin, I actually woke up feeling okay! After a great day at work, I walked from the train station to the park for my workout. Between the walk and my warm-up run, I covered 5K and also did the workout, with some adjustments for my ACL.

Wednesday, August 12

Today in the afternoon I had my first physical therapy appointment for my ACL. I learned that my right leg is a lot stronger than my left leg, so it takes on more of the stress when I run…not good! I had my knee massaged, got it KT taped, and then completed a series of strengthening and stability exercises. I received homework (the kind where I’ll eventually see results, yay!), and we schedule another appointment for next week.

I have been cleared to run for up to 15 minutes at a time, but I felt nauseous, so I just walked 6km today instead.

Thursday, August 13

After a productive work day, I went on a 6km walk/run. I ran the first 15 minutes, which totalled 2.5km. This is the longest amount of time I have run without a walk break in awhile…my knee was a bit sore afterwards, but no stabbing pain, so I’ll take it! In the evening, I joined Lior for his coworker’s going away party, and then we walked home, so I covered 8.5km today. Unfortuntely, I did forget to do my physical therapy exercises in the evening–oops!

Friday, August 14

My mom shared a picture of a zucchini galette, and Lior repeatedly asked me to make it…so I decided today was the day! I’m always nervous to bake here because I’m convinced that our toaster oven is unreliable for baking (but fine for roasting), however, it was tasty!

Saturday, August 15

Lior and I slept in today, and then prepared a veritable FEAST for Shabbat lunch! I digested a bit and then went out for my run. Awhile ago, I registered for the SeaWheeze Virtual 10K race, and the race window opened today. I decided to complete the run/walk today, as I could start earlier in the day and complete the distance well before dark. If I were to try this during the week, I’d either have to wake up early and run before work (no thanks), or I’d have to complete the last several kilometers in the dark. No thanks! Again, I ran the first 15 minutes, which was 2.5kms, and I walked the rest. My knee felt completely fine throughout and I probably could have gotten away with running more. I’ll ask at my next physical therapy appointment (Monday) about increasing the running time. I don’t plan to complete another 10K until I can run at least half the distance, because at this rate, it takes a long time (1 hour 45 minutes) to complete…and I don’t always have that much spare time.

I’ve now completed my second virtual race! Time to wait for my medal! It is supposed to ship 8-10 weeks after the challenge completes, so if I’m lucky, I might get it before the end of 2020. I’m only slightly joking, mail service to Israel can be SLOW!

Sunday, August 16

In addition to a walk I took earlier in the day, I walked to my strength workout. In total, I covered 10km today (plus the workout), and ran 1.5km.

Monday, August 17

Today I went to get supplies for physical therapy, and had another physical therapy appointment. After physical therapy I went for a walk/run. I was going to run the first 15 mins, but my knee was sore from physical therapy, so I walked instead, covering 7.5km total today.

Tuesday, August 18

Today I went into my office. My knee is still a bit sore from yesterday. I walked the 3.5km home from work, and even though my heart rate stayed low, I was super sweaty by the time I got home. August in Tel Aviv is no joke! It was light when I started my walk, and dark by the time I got home. I was expecting the walk to be a straight shot home, but due to light rail construction, there were some detours, and it wasn’t as pleasant as expected. This walk is probably a one and done for me. Good thing I plan to complete the Month of Miles challenge before next Tuesday, so I won’t “need” the extra KMs!

Wednesday, August 19

Today I had a late afternoon physical therapy session, so I decided to skip my workout. My knee is usually sore after physical therapy, and also after my workout classes…so I decided to not exacerbate the issue. I did walk 2.5+kms today completing some errands (shopping + recycling plastic), and then after physical therapy I ran/walked 6km: I ran the first 2.5kms and walked the rest.

Thursday, August 20

Vacation time! Lior and I are going up to the north of Israel for a few days with his family, to celebrate his mom’s birthday. This will be our first time sleeping outside of Tel Aviv since we returned from London back in February–and the longest amount of time I’ve spent in Israel without going abroad… #firstworldproblems.

The town we’re staying in is 2 hours away (without traffic), so we left in the morning, and lunch at Limousine, a steakhouse in norhern Israel, and arrived to Ein Gev in the afternoon. We went for a swim, but there were a lot of waves–not pleasant for swimming, but the water was the perfect temperature!

View from lunch

No filer necessary!

Total Distance: 60.21km, 2 workout classes, 3 physical therapy appts

Month of Miles total: 115.09km/125km

I’ve made amazing progress with my challenge! One of my goals was to kick ass earlier in the month, so that I wouldn’t feel pressured to get in alllll the KMs during vacation. Mission accomplished!

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