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Project 10K

I have a separate post in the works for 2020 goals, but I have another goal that I’m not waiting until 1/1/2020 to pursue. For “those following along,” you may have noticed that my most-raced distance is the 10K. This is mostly because I can run a 10K and not be walking funny afterwards. Half marathons require a lot more training and preparation, just to be able to run the distance. And I’m not going to pay $ and wake up early to run a 5K unless I’m planning to race my butt off, or if it’s for a larger goal (like the NYRR 9+1 program). For me, the 10K is a nice sweet spot. I get a good workout in and can go on with my day.

I want to take advantage of my marathon training (and actually doing speed work…) to improve my 10K time. My PR is 49:27 and my most recent 10K time (albeit the course was .02mi short) is 52:48. This is 4+ minutes faster than my recent 10Ks have been, and I am thrilled. But I want to do even more. So in addition to marathon training, my plan is to chip away at the 3:21 difference between my most recent 10K (RunThrough Battersea Park 10K) and my PR. I have a few 10Ks scheduled over the next month+:

December 1: Mornington Chasers Regent’s Park 10K January 1: Serpentine New Year’s Day 10K January 5: RunThrough Battersea Park 10K

I hope that this mini goal will help me maintain or even improve my shorter distance speed as I ramp up my marathon training!

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