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Project 10K – January Update

I set a mini goal during my Tokyo Marathon training, to chip away at my 10K time and try to get close to my PR of 49:27. Have I been doing any 10K-specific training? Nope! But I HAVE been doing speed work and increased mileage, with a mix of easy runs and marathon pace miles. Here’s where I stand with Project 10K so far:

November 23, 2019: RunThrough Battersea Park 10K – 52:48 (start point) December 1, 2019: Mornington Chasers 10K – 52:18 (0:30 faster) January 1, 2020: Serpentine New Years Day 10K – 51:51 (0:57 faster) January 5, 2020: RunThrough Battersea Park 10K – 50:32 (2:16 faster)

Yesterday, I was supposed to run another 10K, but I cancelled. Something came up, and at this point in the training cycle (4 weeks out from the marathon), my legs aren’t feeling quite as zippy. That’s normal for this part of the training cycle, where all of the mileage is catching up to me. Right now, my priority is to finish my last 2.5 weeks of training and enjoy a (hopefully) uneventful taper.

I am extremely pleased with the progress that I’ve made over the past two months! I did NOT expect to be able to drop so much time, so quickly. Having this goal to work towards during my marathon training has been extraordinarily helpful. For most of my training, the marathon has felt so far away, and I have a very hard time measuring my progress. Project 10K has helped keep me motivated and working hard during this training cycle, and after I take March off from hard training, I can’t wait to pursue more shorter distance time goals in April-June!

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