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Tokyo Marathon Base Building Week 4: September 29 – October 6

With only two weeks before the Royal Parks Half Marathon and one week left in Tel Aviv…it’s go time!

This “week” is 8 days because starting next week, I move to London, where the weekend is Saturday-Sunday…like most of the world. This means I have an extra Sunday to add.

Next week I’ll also switch from noting my distances in km to miles, since that is how my training plan is written. And as I wrote in that post, I’m beginning my marathon training by building a mileage base. This is week 4 of 7 weeks of base building.

sunday, september 29

It appears that the antibiotics I was prescribed yesterday are kicking in! I’m planning to do a short test run tomorrow, and if that goes well, then I’ll get to return to my routine!

Tonight is Erev Rosh Hashanah (the night before the holiday itself), when many families get together for a festive meal. Lior and I went to his parents’ house…and brought more boxes to go into storage while we’re in London. At this point, I’ve boxed up almost everything I won’t be taking to London, and have an entire suitcase filled with cold weather clothes packed and ready to go!

monday, september 30

My stomach has been cooperative, so I ran 6km this evening! It felt so good to get back out there.

tuesday, october 1

It’s October! Lior and I did some trip prep, went to the beach, and later in the day I ran 8km.

wednesday, october 2

Aaaaand I’m back to completing pre-trip errands! I went back to the Tel Aviv municipal building to get myself added to the apartment for property tax purposes. Once it cooled down outside, I ran 8km–conveniently the distance to the packet pick-up for the Hever race!

thursday, october 3

After almost a month, I FINALLY was able to pick up my credit card! And my UK SIM card arrived! Exciting stuff. I have an early morning race tomorrow, so I opted to not run today.

friday, october 4

Today I ran the Hever Race 15K! The race wasn’t quite 15K, but I ran .5km to the start…so it totals 15K for the day. I also finished packing almost everything that’s coming with me to London.

saturday, october 5

No running today! After yesterday’s 4:30am wake up, I slept in, and Lior and I went to his niece’s first birthday party.

sunday, october 6

Bonus day! Today was our last day in Tel Aviv, so I washed the bedding and tidied up our room for the subletter. I also got in a quick 6km run. Tomorrow, we fly to London!

total distance: 43km

So long, Tel Aviv! It feels weird to be leaving so soon, but after thinking about moving to London since April, I’m ready to get the move over with, and enjoy living in a new country!

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