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Tokyo Marathon training week 4: November 18-24

This is week 4 of an 18-week training plan that will hopefully get me to the marathon start line ready to have an amazing race, and maybe hopefully PR!

This week looks a bit different, because my mom is visiting! I’ve saved a few fun touristy activities for her visit, because I wanted to share the first-time excitement with her. Let’s go!

monday, november 18

Today I ran my speed workout for the week, at about 8.1mi: 1.5mi warm up 5 * 1km @ 5K-10K pace; 400m rest 2.3ish mi cool down

I enjoyed this workout…mostly after the first rep. In the early evening, I took a spin class. I definitely didn’t give 100% in the class, but I was feeling stiff, and took the opportunity to move my legs in a different way than running. (And I still sweat a lot because I’m a generally sweaty person.)

tuesday, november 19

I went to yoga in the morning, and then ran from the gym to Battersea Park, ran a loop of the park, and ran home, for 4.4 miles in total. I was going to run an additional lap, but all of a sudden I was HUNGRY, so lunch took priority.

In the evening, I went to the We Are Runners meetup, where we ran 4.5 miles around Hyde Park. I ran an extra 1.5 miles to/from the meetup, and ran a total of 10.4 miles today!

wednesday, november 20

Like yesterday, I went to the gym in the morning (this time for spin class) and ran 4.4 miles afterwards. I planned to join We Are Runners in the evening, but there were delays on the underground, so rather than chance it, I ended up returning home before arriving to the meeting location. In the evening, Lior and I went to a Chinese restaurant with some of his coworkers. The service was terrible.

thursday, november 21

My mom arrived!

I picked her up from the airport, and after relaxing in the apartment for a bit, we went on a walk through Battersea Park, and then to afternoon tea at Dominique Ansel Bakery! The food was delicious (but very sweet!), and it was a very fun and special experience.

The pink meringue dessert was one of my favorites

The yellow dessert on the right was another especially tasty one

The pastry matched my sweater!

I also bought some cronuts, as a surprise for Lior! He thought it was too sweet/overrated.

friday, november 22

Today my mom and I took a walking tour of Westminster in the morning, and we saw the changing of the guard! It was cool, but I’m glad it was free/part of an activity we were already doing.

Towards the end of the tour, we were treated to this view!

Afterwards, we had lunch at a pub, walked around Regents Street a bit, and then went home to relax before meeting Lior for dinner.

saturday, november 23

In the morning I ran the RunThrough UK Battersea Park 10K!

After the race with my new goat friends

After the race, Lior, my mom, and I walked home (well I ran at the end to avoid a bathroom emergency). Lior made breakfast, and then we went to Shoreditch for the day! We walked around Brick Lane, got coffee at Cereal Killer, and then went to Biegel Bake for salt beef bagels. It was just as good as I remember!

My “chair” at Cereal Killer was a bed and I almost fell asleep there

So good!

We then walked around some more, including briefly going to Spitalfields Market. I then desperately needed to sit down, so we eventually found a bar, where we ordered some gin and tonics. Later, we went to Dinerama where Lior and my mom got another gin and tonic (I tasted some of each, but felt that another drink would put me to sleep) and shared some delicious steak and chips. We then went home, tired, full, and happy.

sunday, november 24

Today we took a day trip to Stonehenge! The views were pretty and interesting (just what I expected and not underwhelming), and the accompanying audioguide provided a lot of speculative “information.” Stonehenge was cool, but not earth-shattering, and I’m very glad we went.

I was an anxious grump on the way, so Lior got revenge with a sleeping selfie

Lior taking a picture with his company’s socks!

Lior ended up asking the driver if we could get off the bus closer to our apartment. The American in me was shocked…but it worked and saved us a tube ride home! In the evening, we went to a nearby burger place that Lior has been wanting to try. It was pretty good.

total distance: 30.5 miles, 2 spin classes, 1 yoga class

My mileage was a bit lower, but the fun was at an all-time high. Plus, I ran a new post-2017 10K record!

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