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Weekly Recap: October 18-24, 2020

I may be currently in between longer running challenges, but I’m not taking a break from running, since it may be one of the few things keeping me sane these days…

Sunday, October 18

After work, I went for a 5km run, then went to hang out with a friend. Yay, social interaction! Today the lockdown restrictions lessened somewhat, and looking back, the past month of lockdown was intense.

Monday, October 19

After work, I took a zoom Pilates class, and then went to my running group! I had a lot of energy during the workout, and I pushed myself. It felt great! I ran 5.3km in total.

When I got home, I purchased travel and health insurance for Lior and I, for our upcoming trip to the US. I found a plan that covers COVID, uses a known health insurance company in the US, has a high coverage amount, no deductible, and I felt the price was reasonable(ish). For now, we’re all set with trip preparations!

Tuesday, October 20

I checked today, and my election ballot was received and verified in NYC! Speaking of the US, a month from today, Lior and I will be at my parents’ house!

The Pilates teacher whose zoom classes I’ve been taking announced her new class schedule. She is offering some classes at Charles Clore Park, which is closer to me, and perfect for days when I’m working from home. I can’t wait to return to in-person classes.

Today, I had my first therapy appointment. I really liked the therapist and her approach, so I’m going to continue seeing her, to hopefully learn new tools to use to help me deal with my anxiety. When I returned, I had mail waiting for me–my bib for the virtual Vitality London 10K. It arrived just in time, as the time window for the race is October 24 until November 1! I will definitely not be wearing the race bib during my run, because that’s not the sort of thing I enjoy doing when running solo (I feel like everyone is looking at me and thinking, “Who is that weirdo?”), but it’s a nice memento to have.

After work, I banged out a 5K. My time wasn’t necessarily fast (31:06), but my first kilometer was the slowest, and I felt like I had good energy throughout the run–just like with yesterday’s workout. Some runs feel light and easy, others feel slow and sluggish–and this one felt pretty great!

Wednesday, October 21

Today after work, I ran the 3.5km to my running group’s meet-up. After warming up together, we did a progression run, where we ran 3 * (1km run, .4km rest), with each kilometer run progressively faster. My splits were 6:07, 5:32, and 4:59, so I consider that a success! In total, I ran 9.5km.

Thursday, October 22

Today was a chill rest day!

Friday, October 23

Today I did the usual grocery shopping, and met my friend Kesem for bourekas. It’s so nice to see Florentine and Levinsky Market alive and full of activity again! In the afternoon, I went for a chill 6km run.

Saturday, October 24

Today, Lior and I met up with family and celebrated one of his nieces’ birthdays! We hadn’t seen Lior’s family in awhile, and his little niece/the birthday girl was very excited/insistent that I play with her. This involved lots of jumping after her like a frog to catch her, and lifting her up into the air repeatedly…basically a circuit workout. As a reward, she “fed” me lots of fake ice cream. Fun times!

After we returned home, Lior and I made a satay stir fry to eat during the week, and then I went for a run! I ran 10km, to complete the virtual Vitality 10000 race. Today was the start of the time window, and I wanted to get the race done with. Had I not “needed” to run 10km, I probably would have capped the run at 6km. I actually had decent energy levels during the run, and I’m proud of myself for sticking with it!

In the evening, some friends came over for dinner, and I very nearly stole their adorable dog…

Total Distance: 40.8km, 1 Pilates class, 1 therapy session

This was a great week–I was social, I ran a decent amount, and I started therapy. Yay!

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