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Weekly Recap: September 15-21, 2019

This week has me both increasing my mileage in preparation for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London, and also completing another new-to-me race in Israel!

sunday, september 15

Yesterday, Lior agreed to run another race with me! We both registered for the Hever Run, with the help of his parents as you need to be a Hever member (or know one) in order to register. This means I’ve added a 15km (9.3mi) race to my half marathon training, which is perfect!

As for today, I attempted to be productive without leaving the apartment and was unsuccessful. I called my bank to check about my credit card application, only to be told that I need to come into my branch and sign forms. I also made an appointment with the Tel Aviv municipality, to add myself to my apartment’s arnona (property tax).

As for running, I had wanted to run 12km over the weekend and didn’t. I was dreading the run a bit because…well I don’t really have a good reason. I managed to get out the door and run (and saw someone I used to work with at the beach–she looked like a model and I was covered in sweat. Such is life!)…I miscalculated my turnaround point and ended up running 12.5km in total, and I felt great!

In the evening, I met up with a friend of a friend for drinks, and it was fun!

monday, september 16

This morning was filled with what my friend Louise’s mom refers to as “life maintenance activities”:

  1. Lior and I went to the post office to register for pre-loaded debit cards (כרטיס נטען). Basically, we can transfer money from our Israeli bank accounts to these cards, and then withdraw the cash. The exchange rate is supposed to be better less terrible.

  2. I went to the Tel Aviv municipal building to add myself to my apartment so that the property taxes will be updated. Unfortunately, they didn’t accept the lease I brought, because the landlord information didn’t match what’s listed in their system…so I need to return with a revised lease.

  3. I then went to the bank to sign my credit card paperwork. (“Oh, you called yesterday. I remember your accent.”) The process was surprisingly quick, and next week I should be able to pick up my credit card…and then complete all the errands/life maintenance activities that require me to pay by credit card. Fun!

  4. I also booked travel insurance for my upcoming visit to London. I used Passport Card because although it costs a bit more, if you need to use it (tfu tfu tfu), you just pay with a credit card-style card. I had to deal with enough medical claims at my job…I don’t want any in my personal life!

After so much life maintenance (and a hangover from last night…) I decided not to run today.

tuesday, September 17

Today is my one year Aliyahversary! To celebrate, the State of Israel declared a national holiday…also known as Election Day. I originally planned for today to be a day off, but since I didn’t run yesterday, I decided to change my schedule. I still had to vote at my old polling place, so I ran 8km there (taking the scenic route), voted, and took the bus home.

I got an “I voted” sticker!

I left my apartment around 11:30am…let’s just say the run was rough. However, I chose to get the run out of the way early because my friend Alex invited me to join the bike tour he was leading in the afternoon! So in addition to my run, I biked a very chill 5km until someone got a flat bike tire and I gave him my bike (and took a free taxi home, woo).

Alex being very official and explaining about Habima Square

wednesday, September 18

Today I felt anxious for no reason because Lior suggested that we continue to pack up our room tonight and it reminded me that we are moving to London and all of the uncertainty that entails. We did “officially” confirm that we have a rental apartment for the first month of our stay. This is helpful, but realistically I’ll start feeling less anxious once we get to London and I can get into a new schedule.

In the late afternoon/early evening I went for am 8km run. The run didn’t necessarily help with my anxiety, but I’m glad I went, the weather was perfect, and it was a nice way to end the day.

thursday, september 19

Today I boxed up most of the things I won’t be needing while I’m in London (that I’m not currently using). This round of packing is the opposite of my trip to the US–then I packed mostly summer clothes with a pinch of cold weather stuff…this time is the opposite. In the afternoon I’d originally planned to run 10km, but didn’t quite feel up to it. The minute I decided to “only” run 6km I immediately felt better. This ended up being 6.5km, so that I can my weekly distance with a nice round number.

friday, september 20

(Planned) Day off!

saturday, september 21

Today I woke up super early, ran the Guy Algranati 10K, and then ran 5K to get back into Tel Aviv.

total distance: 50km (and 5km biking)

It was great to get back into decent mileage! I’ve got three more weeks of training before my half marathon, and while I’m not expecting any PRs, hopefully I won’t feel like I’m clawing my way to the finish line.

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