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Weekly Recap: September 8-14, 2019

Now that I’m unemployed/on vacation until February, I’m getting back to both running AND blogging. Fun!

Sunday, September 8

I had been sleeping in late a lot, so today I woke up at a reasonable hour (7:30am), drank coffee, and then went for a run! I ran 8km (5 miles)…it was rough. Granted, I started around 9am and between the general time it takes to run and several rest breaks…it was hot. But ouch, this was a reminder that running is hard, and fitness is well-earned.

I then completed my first of four doctor appointments I need for the month! This was the most important, because I needed a prescription from my gynecologist for several months of birth control, and I needed to switch my brand because they stopped offering it in Israel (and much of Europe). What I expected to be a hassle ended up being a very quick appointment. Not only did my doctor change my prescription without an argument, but he wrote me a prescription for 6 months of birth control! Now I don’t need to buy any extras from friendly strangers on the internet…win!

I was very happy that I ran before my doctor’s appointment, because the rest of the day was kinda crampy. But I improved in time to plank with Lior! We try to do a short plank workout every evening: 3 reps of 1:15 for me, and 1:45 for him. I started at 1:00, and now I do a 1:15 rest in between each set. My next step will be to decrease my rest time, before eventually increasing my planking reps. It’s tough, but over quickly, at least! Plus, it’s nice to do the exercise with Lior…accountabilibuddy!

In the evening, I joined my friend Reut’s new podcast, which has yet to air. Stay tuned for more info (maybe)!

monday, september 9

Today, I slept in and did my run in the evening. I ran 7km and felt great!

I also met up with my friend Nora during the day for juice/smoothie and to catch up. After 4 months, we had a lot to discuss! On the way, I went to my local pharmacy to try and pick up my new birth control, but since the prescription was for more than 3 months, the pharmacist couldn’t fill it. Instead, I need to go to a Maccabi (my health insurance provider) pharmacy. Oh, the joys of socialized healthcare…

I also planked tonight…in addition to the exercise, I’ve also been trying to eat reasonably healthy. When I was in the US I ate a LOT of junk food. I’m an emotional eater, and portion control is tough, especially when I’m eating alone. Typically, my diet is garbage in the summer, when I’m stressed with work. It’s usually pretty easy for me to rein it in during the fall, and I’ve found that to be the case, so far.

tuesday, september 10

Today I sucked it up and finally went to the Ministry of the Interior to change my address. Aside from waiting maybe 10 minutes, it was painless. The clerk didn’t even ask me for proof of new address! I was lucky. Too bad I didn’t change my address back in April, because I still need to go to my old polling place for next week’s elections…

I then went to the Maccabi pharmacy, to pick up my birth control. It was super easy, and 247 shekels later (about 41 shekels/$11 per box), I was all set.

I also went to Lior’s new(ish) office, to meet him for lunch! I also got to cuddle with one of the office dogs. Definitely a highlight of my week!

Seriously, how cute is he?!?!?! Sadly, coton de tulears cost 7000 shekels (almost $2000), so I will not be getting one.

The elevator in the building stopped working, so we had to walk down 21 flights of stairs to go get lunch. I thought it wouldn’t be an issue…(foreshadowing!)

In the evening I went for a 6km run. On the way I got into an argument with a woman in a car, who decided that the green pedestrian light was merely a suggestion…we yelled, we gestured rudely, and we went about our days. Such is life. Be safe, everyone!

wednesday, september 11

My legs felt surprisingly tight today, so I didn’t run (and did plenty of stretching). I thought it was from the running (and became embarrassed by how out of shape I am)…but Lior felt the same pain, in the exact same place. Curse you, stairs!

In life news, I went to the dermatologist (all clear!) and dental hygienist. In Israel, you book the dental hygienist and dentist visits separately. The dental hygienist said my teeth are great and I don’t need to see the dentist…woo!

thursday, september 12

I ran the Haifa Night run! Click here for the race recap.

friday, september 13

Lior and I spent the morning in Haifa and then we went to his friends’ parents’ house on a moshav in the north. They have a pool (pictured), cute dogs (pictured), and I ate the best shnitzel of my life (not pictured).

saturday, september 14

Today we slept in, got brunch, relaxed, and celebrated Lior’s dad’s birthday in the evening!

total distance: 31KM

Considering I hadn’t been running much at all, the fact that I ran 4 days this week is good! I’m happy to be back on somewhat of a schedule, but I need to start stepping up my distance if I’m going to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in 4 weeks…

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