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Weekly Running Recap: April 29-May 5, 2019

Another week, and more Brooklyn Half Marathon training!

monday, april 29

I’m still in Florida! Today, I woke up early, and even with a relaxed morning, I got my easy 5 mile run done in the morning. And it’s a good thing, because it’s very hot today!

tuesday, april 30

I started the Whippets speed workout, but ended up cutting my run short at 5.19mi. This is my last evening in Florida, so I wanted to fully enjoy the evening.

wednesday, may 1

Today, I flew back to NYC, and had girls night with some friends! This was a planned rest day.

thursday, may 2

Today was an unplanned rest day, because I was overwhelmed with work (which makes sense, since I returned to the office after 7 months away…). I was preparing for a 7 mile run, but then realized that I left my running shoes at work…

friday, may 3

Today, I ran in Central Park for the first time since September! I ran 7 miles in total. Once I overcame my nervousness about running in Central Park (sometime late 2015, I think?), it quickly became one of my favorite places in NYC, and the place where I did most of my running. I logged hundreds of miles, training for the NYC Marathon, the Tokyo Marathon, various half marathons, and other shorter distance races. This was the first time since returning to NYC on Wednesday where I really felt like I was back at home. It didn’t hurt that I saw someone from my running team! I’m so popular! Since most of my runs in Tel Aviv are flat, I wasn’t very well prepared for the hills in Central Park, but I still loved the run.

On a side note, I really needed this run. The transition back into work in NYC has been stressful. I feel like I have so much work to do! But I’m on top of everything. Lior suggested I use a project management app, and since I used Trello back when I served on the Manhattan Wind Ensemble board and like the interface, this is what I chose. It’s definitely a helpful way for me to visually organize all of my tasks, and it lead to an extremely productive Friday in the office.

saturday, may 4

Today I ran the NYRR Newport 5K! I had planned on doing my 10 mile long run before the race, but after the stress of the past two days (I woke up in the middle of Thursday night/Friday morning with an anxiety attack…), I decided to sleep in. Therefore, I “only” ran the 5K race…check out my race recap here!

newport 5k race results

I’m happy with my time, given my current fitness level…but I want to blow this time out of the water in August or September!

sunday, may 5

Originally I was going to do a 5 mile easy run today, on the way to a yoga class organized by the Whippets. However, since I missed my 10 mile long run yesterday, I decided to do it today, instead! I broke the run into two 5 mile runs–one on the way to yoga, and one on the way home. I still got the distance in, and the last 5 miles were on tired post-yoga legs, so that should add to mental stamina!

At the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge! You cant tell, but I’m wet and kind of miserable, because it rained on the way to yoga and I had no dry clothes to change into after the class…

total distance: 30.7 miles, 55 minutes of yoga

I had wanted to run 5-10 more miles this week than I actually did, but…oh well. I still put in a lot of work, and since I’m no longer on vacation (like in Florida), running can’t always be my #1 priority. Still, running is an amazing stress and anxiety reliever for me, so I know that I want to continue to run as much as possible throughout the summer–the busiest/most hectic season for my job.

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