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Weekly Running Recap: April 7-April 13, 2019

Last week I only ran once because I spent the entire week feeling stressed, tired, and unmotivated. That’s all well and good, but with the Brooklyn Half Marathon coming up next month, I need to get my butt in gear!

sunday, April 7

I always run harder when I attend adidas Runners events, so I headed to the runbase today after work. I ran a total of 7km/4.4 miles: 2ish km warm-up 10*(400m @ 5:30min/km or faster, with 1:30 rest in between each rep) cool down

This was my 15th run with adidas Runners–I officially “leveled up” and can now participate in yoga/pilates/kickboxing/strength training workouts, for free!

monday, april 8

I need to start training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, if I want a halfway decent time. While the adidas Runners interval training does work, the workouts are a bit too short…usually around 7-8km, when I need something almost twice as long.

I’m still a member/paying dues to the Dashing Whippets, my running team in NYC, so I get access to their training plans. They do long interval workouts on Tuesdays, but that doesn’t fit my schedule so well…so I decided to change things up, and do the workout today! It’s annoying, because now I need to switch between min/km and min/mi. Luckily, there’s an app that already converted the data, according to my most recent race, the Savyon 10K.

2M warm-up 3*(2M–1M @ 9:15min/mi pace, 1M @ 8:30min/mi pace, 3:00 rest) 2M cool down

I ran 10.3 miles in total!! The 9:15min reps were easy enough, but the 8:30min reps ended up just being sub-9:00. During my last mile I had trouble breathing, so I took a break. When I got home, I felt like my life force had been drained. It was a very tough workout, but I did it!

tuesday, april 9

Today is Election Day in Israel! After celebrating, I went for a leisurely 5 mile run.

wednesday, april 10

Day off!

thursday, april 11

Another day off!

friday, april 12

I ran 5 miles at an easy pace…and glad that’s it, because it was hot and a bit humid, so I struggled a bit.

saturday, april 13

Time for a long run! Today, I ran 10 miles along the Tel Aviv boardwalk. It was hot and humid and there were about a million people out, but it’s what I get for starting my run at 3:30pm. I’m proud of myself for sticking it out!

total distance: 34.7 miles

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!! I’m very pleased with the effort I put in this week, even if the speed wasn’t always there. Next week will be interesting, what with returning to the US and jumping straight into the Florida heat and humidity…

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