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Weekly Running Recap, Florida Edition: April 22-28, 2019

I’m still enjoying my time with my family in Florida, and making sure to keep up with my running. Last week was good, and I want to continue the momentum!:

monday, april 22

I ran a chill 5.1 miles…with my brother! I was really dragging my feet during this run. It could be because of the Florida humidity, but probably because of poor fueling during the day. So it was nice to have my brother with me!

siblings running florida


tuesday, april 23

Speedwork day! I ran a total of 7.26 miles:

  1. 2 mile warm-up

  2. 10 x 400m (.25mi) @ sub 8:00min/mile (or sub 2:00 per rep), 1:30 rest

  3. 2 mile cool down

This workout was technically supposed to be done on a hill…but there are no hills in the area. Less effective, but I still worked hard!

Seen on my run!

The average pace doesn’t tell the full story…

wednesday, april 24

Today, I ran 5 miles at a chill pace…with plenty of water breaks. I ran a bit earlier in the day than I would normally choose (especially in Florida!) because I went to the Passover BBQ at my parents’ synagogue. Hamburgers wait for nobody!

thursday, april 25

I was going to run today, but I felt super low-energy (curse you, matza!). I then realized that I ran for 7 days straight…so rest day, it is! Instead my mom and I went to the Loft, and I bought new (non-running) clothes for the first time in awhile.

friday, april 26

After going to synagogue to cheer my Mom on as she read the Haftarah, I went and did some speed work! I felt really good on Tuesday, so I decided to give it a go again! I ran a total of 8 miles:

  1. 2M warm up

  2. 6x800m @ 8:30min/mi, 2:30 rest

  3. 2.3M cool down

I did a terrible job at pacing, and instead ran “fast”. My “slowest” interval was 8:11min/mi, my fastest was 7:42min/mi. Oops!

turtle florida

I even saw a turtle on my run!

saturday, april 27

Long run day! I wanted to run 12 miles, but like last week, I started a bit late, so I cut the run short at 10 miles. I would have had enough time for the extra two miles, but Passover was about to end, and I was eager for some pizza and pasta! As an added bonus, the long run meant that the Aperol Spritz was super effective!

I struggle to do solo long runs, especially when this involves running on what is effectively a giant track. There’s a park near my parents’ house that has a paved trail that’s approximately 1.2 miles long. It’s great for short, easy runs and speed work, but long runs get a bit boring. The plus side is that the park includes a fenced-in dog park, and the park is always filled with people walking their four-legged friends!

sunday, april 28

Today, I went with my parents to a garden festival. Amazingly, I didn’t die from allergies!

Later in the day, I ran 5 miles, at a pretty decent pace. It was nice, since yesterday’s long run was such a slog.

total distance: 40.4 miles

This is the highest weekly mileage I’ve had in ages. I’m so pleased with my progress!

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