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Weekly Running Recap: March 10-16, 2019

Back at it! Here’s what I was up to this week:

sunday, MArch 10

6km run with adidas Runners…this was a mix of drills and a running tour around Tel Aviv. Parts of the tour were cool, and there were other parts that made me wish that I’d just done a solo run. Most of these were the more social aspects, since I haven’t found “my people” yet.

The event is part of a special week of programming to introduce the adidas Ultraboost 19. As far as I can tell, it’s a running shoe with “fancy technology” that’s meant to be a less expensive alternative to the Nike Vaporfly 4%. Although I do think the price ($160-$180) isn’t bad, the shoes are billed as a neutral running shoe. I know that I pronate when I run, and therefore prefer to run with a stability shoe. I’m partial to my Mizuno Wave Inspires–they (well, multiple pairs) have gotten me through 11 of my 12 half marathons and both of my marathons. I’d need to go to a specialty running store and have my gait (the way I run) reanalyzed, in order to convince me to buy something else.

monday, march 11

Another special adidas runners event! This was another running tour–a graffiti running tour around Tel Aviv. They promised a surprise after the run, and…not gonna lie, that’s why I decided to show up, rather than do a solo run along the boardwalk. The surprise was painting the outside of the runbase (meh), which I skipped to get home (and eat dinner) at a decent hour. I ran 8.5km, including a warm-up.

tuesday, march 12

I’m moving in with my boyfriend this month, and today I packed up most of my clothes and things that I won’t need for a few weeks. Luckily, this packing job is WAY less stressful than when I made Aliyah.

I was going to run, but my right knee has felt a little off for a few runs (not painful…just a little tender). By taking today off, I’ll have a nice 3 day break from running, which will hopefully help the situation.

wednesday, march 13

Day off! Today I had a special tour outside of Tel Aviv with work, and in the evening, my boyfriend’s company’s Purim party! I handmade my costume (and put in real effort) for the first time in YEARS. His company runs a Purim costume contest, and last year the first place winners won 2 plane tickets abroad…so this year, expectations were high.

We didn’t win, but our costumes were a hit! In case you can’t tell/weren’t born in the 80s-early 90s, my boyfriend is Pogs, and I’m the Slammer (פצץ/Patzatz in Hebrew).

thursday, march 14

I didn’t plan to run today, either. After work, I went back to my boyfriend’s house, and we drove to Jerusalem, for the race the next day. We got an Airbnb RIGHT by the start/finish area, which was amazing.

friday, march 15

I ran the Jerusalem Marathon 10K! You can read my recap here.

jerusalem rooftop view

We also went on an impromptu walk around Jerusalem with my friend Alex, who is finishing his tour guide course! You should definitely work with him, once he’s certified…

saturday, march 16

I dealt with allergies/a cold. Also, I went with my boyfriend to a family member’s birthday celebration. We ate way too much meat (at Rak Basar/רק בשר/”Only Meat”)…and then I was useless for the rest of the day.

Total distance: 24.5km

This was a week with lower kilometrage. In the future, I think I’m going to avoid some of the adidas Runners events that aren’t focused on training, and supplement them with solo runs. While I could have easily done the 10km run on Tuesday, it’s not the end of the world–I still ran a decent amount, and am looking forward to a few weeks of running, sans races.

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