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2021 Goals

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

GTFO, 2020! Nobody likes you, even though my 2020 was surprisingly pretty awesome.

I know that some people have issues with new year resolutions, and I get it. There is so much pressure to better ourselves, and unfortunately a lot of it is centered around weight. I definitely feel this pressure! This is why my fitness-related goals are not connected to weight. Of course I’d like to lose weight, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. However, when I fixate on losing weight, I can get obsessive with it and even if I have healthy eating habits while doing so, it sucks the joy out of life. Personally, I find that setting goals for the number of times to work out to be a much more productive goal. I’ve found that when I set goals that are actually achievable, I feel energized and am more likely to complete them.

I really enjoyed rereading my 2020 goals and reflecting on the past year, so let’s tackle 2021!

  1. Progress in my job. This includes learning new skills, getting a raise, and continuing to challenge myself in my job. I wrote out my SMART goals related to this for a therapy assignment, and I found it very helpful, to give myself concrete goals to work towards.

  2. Continue therapy. I’ve found therapy extremely helpful, and I hope that continuing prioritizing my mental health and doing the work will help with my anxiety, and generally improve my life.

  3. Get married. Lior and I have waited to plan anything now due to COVID, but hopefully the vaccine will be distributed to the general population, and having an outdoor Florida wedding in the fall is a realistic goal.

  4. Plan a honeymoon. I want a fancy ass vacation where I don’t feel guilty for wanting to do lots of expensive things. We don’t have to go on the honeymoon in 2020 (who knows how timing will go), but I want to have a plan.

  5. Prioritize saving. Now that I have no credit card debt, it’s time to put some of that money into savings and rebuild my savings account!

  6. Run and do yoga regularly. This year I want to prioritize working out consistently. Ideally this involves yoga twice a week and running at least twice a week.

  7. PR in shorter running distances. If I feel motivated to do so, I want to chip away at my 5K and 10K PRs!

  8. Be more social. Once it’s safe to do so, I need to suck it up and attend events for things that interest me, where I can meet new people, and hopefully make new friends.

  9. Prioritize self-care. I occasionally think about how I should start a skincare routine, or maybe splurge and do a fun gel manicure…all surface-level things I know I’d enjoy where my gut reaction is usually “I don’t need that” or “I can’t justify that cost”. It’s time to override those thoughts!

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