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Goodbye 2020

At the end of 2019, I set some goals for 2020. So how’d I do?

Life Goals

  1. Get an awesome job. DONE! I met my goal of finding a job in hi-tech that I like, and the COVID pandemic didn’t really impact this too much! I started applying for jobs on February 9 and received my second job offer (I declined the first) on April 1. After some brief salary negotiation I accepted the offer and started the job after Passover. I’ve learned a lot and feel like I’ve gotten the hang of the work.

  2. Adopt a dog. DONE…and then undone. My allergies have gotten worse over the last year or so, and unfortunately this means that adopting a dog that sheds is just not an option right now. Lior and I decided to postpone getting a dog until after our wedding and honeymoon because this will involve a lot of international travel. After that, I look forward to getting the adorably hypoallergenic dog of my dreams!

  3. Play French horn. NOPE. I blame COVID for this, and am tabling this goal until playing in an ensemble is safe.

  4. Do yoga on a regular basis. YES! A friend connected me with a yoga teacher in my neighborhood who I really like. I’ve been taking classes 1-2 times a week, and really feel a difference in my mental health when I take yoga regularly. I also sometimes feel my abs! Yay!

Running Goals

  1. Train for and run the Tokyo Marathon. …NO. But I did run the Tel Aviv Marathon, which is one of the last marathons that was held before large-scale races halted, so I still consider this a success.

  2. PR in the marathon. LOL NO. The Tel Aviv Marathon was a dumpster fire, but all things considered, I’m really glad I finished and powered through the knee pain and nausea.

  3. Cross train. YES. In addition to yoga, I found a great Pilates instructor…but her classes are not close by, so I’ve stopped going.

  4. Rest after the marathon. GREAT SUCCESS! I took a break after the marathon, which was very necessary.

  5. Improve on shorter distances. NO. Again, 2020 happened and my motivation to do anything beyond just getting out of my apartment and going for a run is nonexistent. And that’s okay!

  6. Join a running group in Tel Aviv and stick with it. NO. I found a group, but it was far away and after doing a cost-benefit analysis, I decided it wasn’t worth it. A few days ago someone announced that they want to start a running group in my neighborhood, and I expressed interest and joined the WhatsApp group…so we’ll see!

Additional Accomplishments

  1. I got engaged to Lior! While this wasn’t something I wanted to share with anyone except for Lior, I really wanted to get engaged this year. So…yay, that worked out!

  2. I started therapy! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, but just couldn’t bring my self to doing it. I found a therapist who I LOVE, and am learning tools to manage, deal with, and minimize my anxiety. It’s only been two months, but I already notice a difference and am extremely proud of myself for making my mental health a priority.

  3. I paid off all of my US credit card debt! I’ve had credit card debt in varying amounts for almost 10 years, and it’s always been something I’ve been embarrassed about. Once I got a new job I made paying off my credit cards a priority, and I am excited to enter 2021 credit card debt-free.

It’s been so easy to get frustrated and bogged down by all of the things that were “supposed” to happen this year that didn’t. Thanks to therapy, I’ve learned that this is part of negative thought cycling and totally unproductive. I need to be realistic, and acknowledge and celebrate that I’ve accomplished a LOT in 2020. I’ve made an effort to build healthy/positive habits, and knowing that I have the ability to continue doing so makes me optimistic for what 2021 will bring!

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